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Frequently Asked Questions

If my customers system breaks down. How fast am I required to service it?

As a Premier Program contractor, you agree to treat emergency service calls with the priority level you use today with your best service agreement customers. The agreement provides for “priority scheduling” not 24/7 emergency service.

What brands of HVAC equipment can I install on the Premier Program?

The Premier Program is brand agnostic. You can sell and install whatever brand(s) of equipment you need to sell to meet your consumer needs. Approved brands must provide a 10-year parts warranty and are listed on our merchant agreement. If your brand is not listed, share details with us and we may be able to add them.

How do I calculate the monthly payment for the subscription that I’m presenting my customers?

We will provide you with a digital platform that calculates the monthly price. You will simply enter your best, better, and good retail prices to receive the monthly payment. Our on-site training team can also help you integrate the monthly price with your preferred sales platform.

What happens if my customer sells their home before the end of the agreement?

They have two options: 1. They can transfer the program to the new homeowner if they are willing to take on the subscription. 2. If the new homeowner is not interested, they will need to pay for the equipment (buyout amount is published on the agreement) at the time the home closes, or before.

After the equipment is installed, are there any costs beyond the monthly subscription?

No there are no additional financial requirements. Annual maintenance, replacement filters and UV lights and emergency repairs are all included at no additional cost to your homeowner.

Who does the homeowner call if they need service or have a question?

Comfort Connect is only called for questions involving the account or payments. Anything related to the equipment, installation or service is directed to the installing contractor.

What is the value of the NYSERDA Loan Loss Reserve program to me and my customer?

The loan loss reserve program facilitates lower cost enrollment options and broader consumer access to the program, including moderate to lower income communities throughout the state of New York.

What do I need to do to participate in the NYSERDA and Premier Programs?

For participation in all the NYSERDA energy saving program, you simply need to go to their website and register to become an authorized provider, link here To join and offer the Premier Program contact one of our team members on this flyer or go to our website and request an appointment to discuss full details of the program to help you determine if the program is right for you.

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